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Words are magical things, aren't they? Read an adventure story and suddenly you're in a forest searching for hidden treasure. Or pick up a sad, sweet story and before long, your eyes are tearing up and you've made a new friend. Books make you feel and books teach you things. As a writer, I love to bring children new worlds through words. Here is my blog, where I review new picture books you might enjoy.

Will I Use Watercolor to Illustrate my Picture Book?

I used were too thick for the detail I needed. I tried color pencil, but I didn't like how light the colors were. 

So now I'm studying watercolor -- a very challenging medium but I can get beautiful, bright colors I think children would enjoy. 

Here are a few examples of work I've been doing.

I've been taking courses at the 92nd St Y and thinking about illustrating one of my picture book stories.

First, I took a class in children's book illustration and played with ways to illustrate the characters in one of my picture books: a girl, crickets, frogs, toads, moths, an owl.

It was a challenge, but also fun. I wanted to use color but the only color media I'd studied

were pastels and colored pencil. The pastels

Lewis Carroll
Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.